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Prefabricated building in mounting kit to assemble with only one type of bolt M10x20 and galvanized locknuts M10 using as equipment a wrench 17 and a simple ladder. No need of other equipments such as lifting equipments, hammers, drills, welding machines and all the material that is normally used in the construction site, including electricity and water.

It can be simply laid on the ground with self-levelling feet and does not need the concrete foundation, the support structure is made of painted galvanized steel, while the walls and roof are in self-extinguishing PVC slats thickness cm. 7 with ventilated insulation . Doors, window,  shutters are in painted aluminum and the walls are arranged to accommodate electrical and hydraulic systems. All our prefabricated buildings are customizable in size, number of windows, type of heating, sanitary installations , number of electrical sockets, color of the structure, interior walls, all depending on the end use to which it is intended.