About Us

Carpenteria Fossano is operating since 1974 in the engineering industry of carpentry precision, providing particulars complete of machining and sheet metal and assembled products.

Thanks to the training difference of the working group, Carpenteria Fossano is a dynamic, flexible  and highly motivated team. The continuous investment in new technologies and skilled resources allows the company to be always at the forefront  on the reference markets;  also for this reason, the company’s products were also exported to other European countries (Switzerland) and non-European countries (Algeria, Cuba, Venezuela).

The company philosophy of Carpenteria Fossano Srl is based on three fundamental points: Technological innovation: thanks to a constant monitoring of the market, products and processes, aimed at a continuous improvement; High products quality : intended as performance above the market average

and its consistency;  Security: both in the work environment during production and in products using for consumers and the environment.


The activity

Primary Sector of Carpenteria Fossano Srl is  the sheet metal working, an activity that is managed thanks to the synergy among: Technical office: design, drawings with CAD and 3D system. development of  customer’s drawings, construction sites inspections, surveys, contacts with the customer, contacts with outside suppliers. Executive office: accounting, purchasing department, final balances,  estimates and public relations. Workshop: manufactures products , quality control, packaging, shipping and assembly. The advanced technology, the high structural  and organizational level , the availability of technical , IT and operating resources constantly assure full satisfaction in terms of quality, cost and respect of delivery deadlines


Tecno-Build® and its KIT technology

Tecno-Build® (hereinafter ” Techno-Build System”) is a registered trademark of exclusive production of Carpenteria Fossano and concerns a patented construction system of prefabricated kits consisting of a galvanized steel frame and PVC walls designed and completely manufactured in the same company. This innovative system can be used for the construction of first reception houses, bungalow for resorts, vacations houses, snack-bar kiosks, news-stands, toilets, locker rooms, dormitories, etc. For this reason Carpenteria Fossano boasts of customers such as the Civil Protection of Emilia Romagna and the House of Charity of Milan.


Services offered

The Company has a full range of machinery and equipment for the metal sheet processing with: cutting, laser cutting,  bending, drilling, punching, calendaring, automatic and manual welding.

In order to increase the reliability of its quality system it has been constituted a system of internal organization in compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001:08.


Sheet metal products

Carpenteria Fossano proposes two typologies of metal sheet products:

Catalogue products : offered under the brand Tecno-Build®.

Since this technology is based on the repetition of a “ basic model”, the pre-fabricated houses can:

1) Be chosen in the catalogue with defined sizes

2) Be made with the combinations of the “ basic model” to satisfy the requests of the desired size


Customer sheet metal products : custom made

In addition, in order to improve the control of their business processes,  in 2013 CARPENTERIA FOSSANO SRL implements its Quality management system in compliance with ISO 9001:0 with the aim to obtain the certification in the following year.


Following are the objectives of this project:

communicate to the customers and to the market in a more and more transparent way  the quality of its services and its organization; go on improving the relationship with the associations and the community.

The compliance evidence of CARPENTERIA FOSSANO SRL with statutory and regulatory requirements, for its name and activities, is given by registration on:

Trade register N° 168308 Chamber of Commerce, MI

Carriers register N° MI851322E

Companies Register role 53874 ( REA 148767 – Activity code 60.24 – 49.41 )


Availability of:

Insurance and accident policies covering damages, event to third parties, and special policies relating to the transport service of dangerous goods.