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The “Milano” Model Kiosk is realized with the aesthetic characteristics required and approved by the Municipality of Milan.

Dimensions and openings are customizable according to your design.

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Three structures located in Peschiera del Garda, directly on the beach, have been  constructed using a patented Tecno-Build system and delivered on customer’s request. They represent an explicit example of how Tecno-Build structures can be adapted  to any need: the bar structure has been designed and modified to create a cart  that would allow  to pull out the ice cream showcase during opening times and thus having more available space  inside.

Although the three structures are built in the same way, they are an example of the versatility and personalization of the product: one has been used as a bar, one as a warehouse and  one as a toilet.

Carpenteria Fossano srl. Tel. 031-734049

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Outdoor footboards suitable also for dehors contructions or to support windproof perimeter walls or back bench footboards.

The Tecno-Build footboards are made of pressed and unwelded galvanized sheet metal profiles and can be assembled with simple fastening joints using only one 17-inch wrench. The pieces are interchangeable and multiples of 60 cm making the assembly even easier and more intuitive. Footboards are supplied dismounted and can be modified later by requiring the parts needed to form a new shape. It can be covered with any flooring, tiles , wood … as long as 60 x 60 cm dimensions are respected.

With Tecno-Build footboards you can also get special sizes by simply cutting the profiles to the desired size.

Self-leveling feets allow you to set it on the ground and adjust it easily.

Carpenteria Fossano srl. Tel. 031-734049

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Dimensions of the standard Mini Shop


An innovative, multifunctional product; a smart and versatile solution that leaves room for fantasy. “The mini shop” is a showcase of only 1.45 x 0.90 x H 2.00 mt. which holds a real store. It opens in less than a minute  providing a 3 mt stainless steel countertop, leaving intact the windows. A large  compartment , closed with 2 sliding doors, allows you to have a small storage room leaving the countertop free. “The mini shop” is also the ideal solution for direct food and beverage supplying both for hygienic and washable construction material and for customizing it with accessories such as stoves, sinks, etc. at a price within reach of all.

Carpenteria Fossano srl – Cantù (CO) – Tel. 031 734049 – –

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